Thursday, September 27, 2007

reflections , imperfections and confections

week 9 thing 23

I hope I am really done! This has been a long and winding road and a magical mystery tour!
I really, really appreciate this opportunity and want to thank all those who made this experience possible. I also want to apologize for the sorry appearance of my blog. I wish it was neater,
more organized and more fun to look at. Maybe next time! I just wanted to get done in time
to be eligible for the prizes and such and my blog's aesthetic suffered. Anyway, to answer your questions- my favorite parts were the games, avatar, Library Thing, & Rollyo. Least favorite- having to create so many accounts and using different user names and passwords for the first few-
my bad! I am just awed by what is available. I feel a bit more savvy and connected to all these new and exciting devices. I expect my reader's advisory skills to reap benefits from this process. I would definitely participate in something like this again! One complaint was that sometimes ( especially for some of the beginning exercises) some of the instructions were confusing and I often couldn't find someone to help me . Really big thanks to Scrappin' Erin- she helped me out a lot with her tips. I think she should get a special award.

Hear ye Hear ye e--books!

week 9 thing 22

I logged into Overdrive for this exercise. I was really surprised at the array of items that you can download; fiction- including children's and YA , non-fiction in just about every category and most
surprisingly graphic novels and video. I did a search for the novel Water for Elephants and was delighted to find it was available. I was also quite surprised and happy to see that you could burn it to a cd. I don't expect to use e-books on a regular basis, but am reassured to know it is another option for books that may not be readily available in another format. I will be talking up this option a lot more to customers now. I am curious how widely it is currently being used.


Week 9 Thing 21

I am listening to a podcast of author Kristin Smith talking about her YA novel The Geography of Girlhood as I type this. I found her through a program called Book Voyages which is available through The Library Channel which I found through I added The Library Channel to my Bloglines account through RSS feed. Book Voyages is all about children's authors and children's books, so it seems very worthwhile to check out. This podcast is dated Oct 2, 2006 and I think it was the latest entry, so I'm not sure if it is still being produced. It's great being able to find author talks this way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tubing without getting wet; well my feet got wet

week 9 thing 20

I posted the cute Singing Piano Cats video from you tube. Chose this one because it was really short but amusing. When I was trying to find it a second time so I could post it to my blog,
I had a hard time because there were so many singing piano cat entries (who knew?!) that weren't the one I wanted. I changed my search strategy to choosing from the category Comedy and it was easier to find that way. There must be a better way to narrow down the video you want- I'll have to ask my kids- or maybe you have to bookmark it if you need to come back to it.
I'll need to work on that. I don't see myself going to you tube much unless I hear of a specific clip that's making the rounds. I'm not sure how the library could incorporate its usage, though I did see on someone else's blog the idea of using it to promote the library- once bandwith is increased.

Singing Piano Cats

you tube posting

2.0 awards

week 8 thing 19

I looked at Yelp which is a city guide and review site. You can search for local restaurants, shopping, nightlife etc. and also harder to find suggestions like event planning & services and education among them. There are favorites lists to look at or you can search by category, or specifics such as taco, salon or Max's. You can specify it to be close to an address, city, state or zip. You can write your own reviews, link to friends and/or enter into a chat room. A useful site which will become even better with more entries into the more unusual categories.

I also looked at Shopify. You can use this site to create your own online shop or
to actually shop. I tried to find my favorite childhood toy that is no longer being manufactured (Mattel mini-dragons) but alas no luck.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

web apps

ho ho ho I'm trying out zoho. I like that I can create a document straight from the
week 8 thing 18